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Achievements of PR Committee

The PR Committee of PEC under the enterprising and dynamic leadership of its convener Engr. Mukhtar A. Shaikh who is also Vice Chairman from Sind and with the kind support of Chairman PEC, has taken many new initiatives for the welfare of engineers. It is hoped that these will be of paramount interest to all Engineers irrespective of gender and age. The Public Relation Committee will be keen to get comments, suggestions and feedback with respect to each of these initiatives mentioned below:

Introduction of Smart Card:

PEC has introduced a smart membership card for Engineers of Pakistan. Efforts are under way to get concessions for the holders of this card from as many as 200 outlets like hotels, shopping centers, airlines, Cineplex's, clubs, swimming pools, gyms etc.

To start with agreements have been made with leading hotels of Pakistan like Pearl Continental Hotels, Regent Plaza and Beach Luxury. Now the holder of this card would be entitled for following concessional rates at these hotels:

As already mentioned the number of out lets where this card will fetch substantial concessions will soon rise very high. The idea is to attain a level where holding a PEC card becomes an honored pride for the holder. An arrangement is also being made whereby the Pakistani Engineers serving abroad can apply for the card on line and the card can be delivered at their door steps. Till 31st December 2012 the lifetime membership smart card can be got from any PEC Branch/Liaison/ Head office on concessional payment of Rs. 1500 without any arrears.

Accommodation Facility:

To facilitate the stay of its members, PEC has planned to build room accommodation facilities in the form of Messes, hostels, rest houses at commonly visited stations like the Federal and Provincial Capital as well as recreational places like Murree, Northern areas, Fort Manro etc. The members would be entitled to avail these rooms at very nominal charges. In this context, the map of a multi storied building in Karachi has already been prepared and the construction work will start soon.

Development of Engineer's club in major cities:

On the pattern of Gym khaana and Islamabad Club, an Engineering Club will be constructed in the major cities. The Karachi chapter of PEC has taken a lead in this regards and negotiations are underway with the concerned authorities for procurement of appropriate land on lease. Once the land is obtained a state of the art club facility will be constructed on it.

Introduction of “best final year project award” in Engineering Universities:

A handsome cash award will be given to the “Best Final Year Project” on regular basis. This will give rise to a healthy competition amongst the young engineers.

Academy of Engineers to give employment to young Engineers:

To provide temporary employment to the fresh Graduates and to prepare them for up- coming tests and interviews for regular jobs in different engineering departments within or outside the country, Academy of Engineers will be made in major cities. Fresh Graduates will be paid reasonable salaries and will also be parted training which will help them in getting good jobs in their near future.

Regular Holding of Social Events:

PEC feels that one of the reasons for the pitiful condition of the Engineers community in Pakistan is lack of opportunities where they can meet regularly and exchange views. To overcome this shortcoming the Governing Body has decided to promote a culture of socialization. At least one social gathering will take place in each major city in a year. The Karachi Chapter of PEC has again taken lead by organizing the Eid Milan party in October 2012 which was participated by over a thousand members. The Honorable Minister of Religious Affairs Syed Khurshid Ahmad Shah was the Chief Guest. A massive “lucky draw” involving innumerable prices including Hajj and Umra ticket has been arranged at the occasion with the help of sponsors. The detailed coverage of the event is given in the next pages.

Interactive Website and Facebook:

Under the special instructions of the Chairman PEC, the website is being made interactive and Facebook account of PEC has been opened. It is believed that these two steps will help in getting much needed feedback on the working of PEC and will also result in minimizing the communication gap between PEC and its members.

Internship to Fresh Engineers through PEC:

At present there are over seventy Engineering universities and colleges which are registered with PEC. Around ten thousand Engineers pass out from these institutions every year. PEC feels that for optimum utilization of these talents of these fresh graduates there is a need that before they start their professional carrier they need to be imparted practical training commonly termed as internship. In this context, under the directions of Chairman PEC Syed Abdul Qadir Shah, the convener PR committee Mr. Mukhtar A Shaikh held successful meeting with the CEO of Siemens Pakistan. The renowned multi-national company has agreed to provide substantial number of internship quota for fresh engineers of Pakistan through PEC.

The Public Relation Committee is working hard for the welfare of engineers in Pakistan. The other achievements/activities of Public Relation Committee include:

  1. A comprehensive magazine is being published on quarterly basis containing articles on emerging trends, PEC activities, eminent engineers and successful engineering organizations. This magazine is being circulated widely among engineering institutions, organizations and policy makers in hard copy format whereas the electronic fully animated version of PEC magazine is delivered to over 75,000 engineers through E-mail and Social Media platforms. Please update your record of registration with PEC to receive Email alerts or join PEC Online Group and Facebook Page.
  2. Considering the immense popularity of Facebook among young engineers, the official page of PEC on Facebook has been made vibrant and every activity of PEC is projected on the Facebook page. The total number of subscribers has reached to 25,500 and more and more engineers are joining the page everyday to get in touch with PEC. Please visit www.facebook.com/pecofficial to join the page.
  3. Social gatherings of engineers are being arranged in different cities of Pakistan. The purpose is to provide a platform to the engineers for networking and entertainment.
  4. The Committee is working to develop links with the Pakistani High Commissions in the Middle East and other countries to create jobs for engineers in such countries. Through the efforts of the Committee, many companies of Abu Dhabi offered jobs to the Pakistani engineers.
  5. The members of Public Relation Committee have put their individual efforts to sign agreements for facilitation of engineers at business outlets in Pakistan. Many agreements have been signed with hotels, restaurants, courier service, medical and insurance companies which provide discounted services to engineers holding PEC card.
  6. The Committee is going to organize sports events for the engineers and engineering students at district and provincial level. The first event of such type has been planned in January 2014.
  7. The Committee has raised the issue of unemployment of engineers and is working to formulate salary and service structure for the fresh engineers employed with private sector organization in Pakistan.
  8. The Committee is striving hard to develop Engineers Club and housing societies in various cities and efforts are underway in this regard.

We are open to your suggestions and comments for betterment of engineers. Please send your suggestions at makhan613@gmail.com

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