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Mechanism for recognition of CPD from Foreign Institutions/ Universities/ Professional Organizations

The mechanism for recognition/ acceptance of CPD activities acquired by the PEs (Professional Engineers) and REs (Registered Engineers) from foreign institutions/ universities/ professional organizations is based on following criteria:

  1. CPD bodies/ institutions/ universities recognized or registered by the equivalent registration/ licensing bodies like NCESS, Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM), etc.
  2. CPD activities acquired from the institutions/ universities having accredited engineering programs by equivalent accrediting bodies as FEANI, EC_UK, ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) , BEM or Washington Accord members.
  3. CPD activities acquired from recognized educational institutions/ universities, from the relevant forum (Foreign HEC, Education Ministry, etc.).
  4. Established and recognized Professional Bodies like American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), etc.
  5. Established and recognized technical organizations from the representative forum.
  6. Distance learning will only be accepted based on defined criteria which should be inline with international standards and practices having well defined:
    1. Subject area of CPD activity
    2. Objectives and scope
    3. Mode of delivery
    4. Assessment mechanism
    5. Evaluation process
  7. For engineers acquiring CPD through above said system(s) will deposit Rs 2000/- (Rupees two thousand only) per CPD return plus verification fee, if applicable, as per actual.
  8. The CPD activities would have the same CPD credit points and meaning as given in the CPD Byelaws 2008.

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