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Pakistan Engineering Council organized the 5th World Engineering Congress (WEC-2013) on September 23-25, 2013 under umbrella of Federation of Engineering Institutions of the Islamic Countries (FEIIC), in collaboration with Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) at Islamabad. The honorable President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Mr. Mamnoon Hussain graced the inaugural session as chief guest.

Addressing the participants of the WEC, President Mamnoon Hussain stressed the need for an up-to-date training of engineering professionals to enable them address the impending challenges of growing population and depleting resources. Engineering input was indispensable for sustainable and long-term development, the President said. President Mamnoon said the issue of un-proportionate population surge and the scarcity of resources had become a major challenge for developing countries like Pakistan.


He said it was the time to analyze whether there existed the ability and resources to fulfill the requirements relating to growing population and inadequate infrastructure. He said the role of engineers in this situation had assumed greater significance for a better planning to address issues related to water, sanitation, nutrition, health and safety. President Mamnoon said the conduct of this Congress in Pakistan is indeed auspicious as it holds the promise for the advancement of engineering in all its manifestations. He said the congress would provide momentum the country's efforts for the acquisition of modern knowledge and advance skills. The assemble augurs will for the scientific, technological and above all the economic development of all of us, especially the Islamic countries, the President added.


He said WEC would also be instrumental in creating synergies between us under the umbrella of Federation of Engineering Institutions of Islamic Countries. President Mamnoon expressed confidence that this congress would provide a great opportunity for mutual sharing of expertise and knowledge amongst the engineering professionals. He said the event would also help the policy makers in addressing the issues faced by the industry and the research and development organizations. “I am confident that this assembly of the engineers today would prove to be a real harbinger for the future industrial growth and development in the country. Engineering educators must take a closer look at how engineering students are being prepared to enter the realms of practical world.

The President lauded Pakistan Engineering Council for a number of its professional initiatives and achievements. Minister for Science and Technology, Zahid Hamid said in the age of civilization, research and innovation can ensure socio-economic development. He hoped that the assembly of renowned scientist and technologists would deliberate upon the ways to benefit from the multifarious dimensions of engineering. He said besides the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC), the FEIIC can play role in promoting dialogue to achieve the objectives. The message of Secretary General of Federation of Engineering Institutions of Islamic Countries (FEIIC), Dr. Gulbazar, who belongs to Kazakhstan, was read out on the occasion. She said the WEC is a great platform to promote mutual interaction between the engineering professionals as well as institutions for mutual sharing of knowledge and expertise among them.


World Engineering Congress (WEC) is a regular mega activity of FEIIC. The Congress was conducted with the main theme of “Advancement in Engineering, Technology and Science: Creating Synergies”, aimed at providing a valuable gathering of engineering and technology experts, academicians, professionals and enthusiastic learners on one platform to share their experiences and ideas for the overall socio-economic development and benefit of the Ummah in the larger context. The Federation of Engineering Institutions of Islamic Countries (FEIIC) first established in May 1989, comprises of 21 member countries and a number of corporate and institutional members from amongst academic and research institutions, consultants, contractors and other organizations. FEIIC is an international non-profit professional organization, with the aim of fostering corporation in engineering education, research and professional practice in the Islamic Countries. In order to contribute to international development, the people of these countries should be scientifically and industrially independent. They have already presented to mankind a great human civilization and genial minds. They willingly taught all people what they had learnt. Islamic engineering institutions have found it necessary to establish a federation in order to develop the engineering profession, sciences and their applications and to exchange technical data for the purpose of fully developing all the Islamic countries. The member countries of FEIIC include Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Libya, Malaysia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Sudan, Tajikistan, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Syria, Turkmenistan. The 5th Congress was organized by Pakistan Engineering Council in collaboration with National University of Science and Technology (NUST), the Institute of Engineers Pakistan (IEP), COMSATS Institute of IT (CIIT) and Malaysian Society for Engineering & Technology (MySET). WEC 2013 is an international event which provided anopportunity for gathering and sharing of experiences amongst the community of engineers, technologists, academicians, researchers, scientists and other professionals in related fields, as well as policy makers interested in addressing issues being faced by the industry and R & D organizations from all over the country and abroad. WEC is a regular activity of Federation of Engineering Institutions of the Islamic Countries (FEIIC) and this year it is being the 5th in series organized by Pakistan Engineering Council at Islamabad with the aim to:

  1. Provide a forum to Engineers, Researchers, Policy Makers and Professionals in related fields of various institutions to share their knowledge and expertise for the benefits of the member countries.
  2. Establish effective networking, collaboration amongst member countries and global leaders.
  3. Promote engineering profession through quality education, research and development activities.
  4. Exchange students and technology amongst its members.

Six parallel Technical Conferences under the WEC 2013 were conducted with following themes:

Theme-I Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Theme-II Aerospace, Mechanical, Chemical and Materials Engineering
Theme-III Natural Resources and Green Technology
Theme-IV Buildings and Infrastructural Engineering
Theme-V Informatics
Theme-VI Engineering Education & Regulations

More than 150 research papers were submitted from Pakistan and abroad and there were eight keynote invited speakers under the relevant themes of congress. About 96 papers were selected after review process by the technical committee for presentation under different themes.



Chairman of Pakistan Engineering Council and foreign delegates of the 5th World engineering Congress visited Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology (GIK) on 25th September, 2013. The delegates, hailing from several countries, were led by Chairman PEC Engr. Syed Abdul Qadir Shah. Dr. Fazal Ahmad Khalid, Pro-Rector (Academic) briefed the visitors about the graduate and undergraduate programmes, foreign faculty, academic staff, international advisory board, thrust areas, research activities and research projects, international linkages,

board of governors, financial assistance to the poor students, students' societies and t co-curricular activities. Later the delegates visited various laboratories and had a networking lunch to discuss international linkages with the universities of Islamic countries. Prof. Khalid presented shields to PEC Chairman and the delegates. Nomination of Professional Engineers on the Board of Directors and Committees of Ministries, Divisions and Technical Organizations. The Chairman PEC approached the Prime Minister of Pakistan for nomination of at least one professional engineer on the Board of Directors and committees of Ministries, Divisions and Technical Organizations. Accordingly, the Ministry of Science and Technology has issued a directive to all the concerned ministries, organizations, institutes to nominate an expert Professional Engineer in their Board of Directors, Board of Governors and Committees on the recommendations of PEC.

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