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Renewal of Registration for Professional Engineers:

Renewal of registration is mandatory, otherwise as per section 19(1) (b) of PEC Act 1976, the Registrar shall remove the name of any Professional Engineer, who has failed to have his/her certificate of registration renewed, within one year of the date of its expiry. Consequently, such persons will not be eligible to undertake/execute professional engineering works, and may be subjected to penalties under section 27(1) of the PEC Act 1976.

A Professional Engineer may obtain renewal of his/her registration with PEC in the following ways:

  • Any Pakistani National registered with PEC on Annual Subscription basis may obrtain renewal of registration annually by paying the prescribed fee.

    NOTE: A PE who has attained the age of 60 years and is not earning by any means is exempted from the payment of annual renewal fee for the rest of his/her life.
  • A PE having subscribed for life may obtain renewal of his/her registration card after its expiry. (No fee required in this case).
  • Foreign Nationals are required to renew the Temporary License issued to them annually by paying the prescribed fee.

Procedure of Renewal:

Renewal is not an automatic activity. One has to apply for it on the Request Form (PEC Form 5A/5B) (available online & from PEC offices), when required, and send it to the PEC Headquarter at Islamabad or to any of the PEC Branch/Liaison Offices, along with the prescribed fees (which is specified in the Form).



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