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Pakistan Engineering Council

Regulating the Engineering Profession

Pakistan Engineering Council

Regulating the Engineering Profession

Innovative Research and Product Development

PEC Initiatives to Facilitate Innovative Research and Product Development

1. Establishment of Pakistan Innovation & Testing Center (PITC)

PEC in continuation of its efforts is also promoting R&D culture in HEIs and as a way forward under the guidance of Ministry of Science and Technology, PEC has established Pakistan Innovation and Testing Centre (PITC) to act as a creative hub for the linkage of Innovators, researchers, academia, and industrial setups for promoting local manufacturing of engineering products and goods to enhance contribution of engineering sector in the overall export of the country.

2. Framework for Indigenous Development and Local Manufacturing of Electromedical Devices

During the outbreak of COVID-19 Pandemic Ministry of Science & Technology (MoST) assigned lead role to PEC for devising a framework to counter COVID-19 and the continued shortage of electromedical devices especially ventilators. PEC launched its first project under the name Pakistan Manufactured Ventilator System (PMVS).

PEC assembled three Test & Trial Teams comprising of competent assessors at Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad. PEC also developed the Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP) for ICU ventilators and in 18 months this effort resulted in three ventilators and one mechanical resuscitator approved from DRAP. These products are also being exported to SAARC and Central Asian countries, with the Alnnoventura CPAP receiving full regulatory approval in Indonesia recently.

Currently PITC under PEC is working closely with DRAP and FDA experts for development of framework for De Novo Process in Pakistan for a Groundbreaking Technology in Peritoneal (Home) Dialysis. Other ongoing projects are as follows:

3. Conformity Assessment Body for Regulatory Review

PITC started its first project Pakistan Manufactured Ventilator System (PMVS). While working on PMVS, it was observed that Pakistan lacks the capacity and capability of undertaking local manufacturing of medical and engineering devices due to non-availability of well-defined framework.

Testing, International Standard Certifications, Personnel Certification, and Quality Enhancement of the locally manufactured products are the vital elements to only boost the exports of engineering products but also to meet the demands of local market which will have significant impact on imports. Hence, PITC, based on its strategic importance and vision, has developed a phase-wise plan to become the first Conformity Assessment Body for Regulatory review.

4. Collaboration with ORICS

PEC/ PITC would facilitate startups, young entrepreneurs, researchers, designers, local developers, and academic researchers through bridging between academia and industry for which ORICs would be a potential hub in this framework. Accordingly, PEC intends to collaborate with ORICs through HEIs to enhance their vibrant role to facilitate and promote innovation and thereby local manufacturing of products towards commercialization. PEC through its PITC would also facilitate ORICs and Industries in testing, certification, capacity building, and regulatory approvals.

5. Academia Industrial Linkage, Career Fairs, FYDPs Showcase, and Framework for Seed Funding Start-ups

PITC under PEC also believes that to achieve maximum effectivity the R&D culture needs strengthening, the focal area would be to promote R&D for providing solutions to the problems of the industries. PITC aims to bridge this gap by becoming the central hub of communication between the industry and the HEIs. For this PEC is utilizing its platform to reaching out to academia and industry so they may collaborate at local level for maximum effectiveness.

PEC has also developed the plan for mega events at national level to promote, and bridge the job seekers, employers, academia, and industries through single platform of career fair where the academia will be given the opportunity to showcase their best R&D for potential venture capitalists. Industries will showcase their latest technology and trades. And graduates/ students would be given the opportunity to have first hand experience of interacting with the national and international organizations for potential employment or startup funding.   

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