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Second Schedule:

(updated SRO: 626(I)/2018 Dated May 18, 2018)

Following Engineering Programmes/Professional Standings of various Universities/ Institutions and International Accords/Agreements outside Pakistan are declared as substantially equivalent qualification(s)/status by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC):-

Existing entries at Serial Nos.1 to 198, except Entry No. 111, 181, 182, 198 of the Second Schedule of PEC Act shall remain valid for Intake(s)/ admission(s) up to 31 March, 2015.
S.No. University/Institution/Organization Recognized Engineering Degree Programme/Professional Status
111. Engineering Council UK “Chartered Engineer” shall be eligible to be registered as “Professional Engineer” in the relevant discipline provided he/she possesses four years of engineering qualification and satisfies the PEC Regulations for Engineering Education.
181. U.K. Universities / Institutions. Engineering Qualifications accredited by Engineering Council U.K. from the year 1993 and subsequent updated qualifications satisfying one of the following criteria:-
  1. Four years of Bachelor of Engineering
  2. Three years of Bachelor of Engineering with Master of Engineering (M.Eng/M.S/M.Sc)
  3. Four years of Master of Engineering (M.Eng/M.S/M.Sc)
182. European Universities / Institutions Four Years accredited engineering qualification, as per updated Index published by the European Federation of National Engineering Association (FEANI) Paris, France, after 1991 or European Network of Accredited Engineering Education (ENAEE).
198. European University of Lefke, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus B.Sc. Computer Engineering (From Intake of Batch 2007 to 2017)

B.Sc. Electrical and Electronics Engineering (From Intake of Batch 2007 to 2016)

B.Sc. Civil Engineering (From Intake of Batch 2012 to 2016)
199. Washington Accord Accredited Engineering Degree programmes recognized by Washington Accord of International Engineering Alliance (IEA) as per updated list published by the respective Signatories.
200. Yangtze University, P.R. China Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering.(From Intake of Batch 2012 upto 2014)
201. University of Bradford, Uk (Namal College, Mianwali,Pakistan) B.Engg. Electrical & Electronics
(from Intake of Batch 2010 upto Fall-2015)
202. Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, P.R. China Bachelor of Chemical Engineering & Technology (From Intake of Batch 2011 upto 2013)

Bachelor of Mechanical Design, Manufacturing & Automation (From Intake of Batch 2011 upto 2012)

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering & Automation (From Intake of Batch 2011 upto 2013)

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