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Pakistan Engineering Council

Regulating the Engineering Profession

Pakistan Engineering Council

Regulating the Engineering Profession

Foreign Consulting Engineer Firms


Foreign Consulting Engineer

Foreign consulting engineer means the enterprise partly or wholly owned by foreign nationals and a consulting engineers firm registered outside Pakistan shall be considered as foreign firm irrespective of ownership by nationals and having a branch office in Pakistan or adopting a name similar to an expatriate firm.

Procedure For Registration of Foreign Consultant

Foreign consultants before starting any assignments in Pakistan have to get pre-registered with Pakistan Engineering Council and a Pre registration Certificate is issued to allow operation in Pakistan. Application Form may be obtained from one of our offices.


If interested in bidding or negotiation for any project, the Foreign consultants have to get registered for that specific project, by fulfilling the conditions set out in clause (2) of bye-law 6 and submitting documents listed below along with requisite processing fee, Thus they can obtain a Registration Certificate.

Documents Required

  • Registration certificate of the Pakistani consultants and pre-registration certificate of the foreign consultants;
  • Joint venture or association agreement of the parties, specifying shares of each party and name of the lead consultants: and
  • brief description and scope of work for which the association or joint venture intends to participate in bidding.

For more details see consulting byelaw 9